Choose to make a difference

There are some important choices that we will never make. We do not choose who our parents will be. We do not choose where we are born. We do not choose the circumstance that we are born into. Sometimes opportunities are presented that if taken or pursued can improve a person’s life situation. However, opportunities are not automatic and they do not just pop out of no where. Someone has to make the choice to present the opportunity. That’s the role that Mark Rowden Ministry International partner pursuit. They are located within the United States and areas around the world and they seek opportunities to improve the circumstances of others who are in need. Partners don’t just talk about missions but are actively engaged in missions. Partners are compassionate organizations or individuals who desire to be a part of a global life changing force. If you belong to an organization or you are an individual that believes that growth whether internal or external comes from giving, we invite you to partner with us. We believe that together we will accomplish greater things. So make the choice that can be made. Choose to make a difference, partner with the MRM team today.