Current MRM Global Mission Projects

MRM International is working on the following projects. If you would like to be a contributor please click on the donate tab and earmark your tax-exempt donation for what it is intended for.

Our priority is to help families most impacted by Cyclone Freddy. Funds will help purchase plastic for make-shift homes, funds will help purchase bricks for homes and churches destroyed, and funds for food for local villages.

a. We are currently receiving donations for 20 laptop computers for the Eliza Davis Memorial Baptist School computer lab. This lab was established by MRM in 2016 to help train school age students on the operations of a computer. Since its establishment, citizens in the community have also been able to learn how to operate a computer. The average cost is $500.00

b. MRM is still in need of 30 communion trays with lids. The average cost is $70.00 plus $20.00 for communion combo kits.

c. MRM continues to help build roofs for several local churches in the Liberian region. The average cost for one roof for material and labor is $1,000,00

Generous contributions by supporters have made it possible to sustain our yearly goals and objectives.

MRM in 2022 was able to ship 3 pallets of medical equipment for the newly built clinic in Sinoe County, Greenville Liberia. We are still in need of various hospital equipment such as hospital beds, screening beds, scales, office desks, and chairs.

Our current projects for our churches and communities in Malawi Africa are:

a, Clothing to support the regional needs such as jackets, suits for men, blankets, flip-flops, neckties, and clergy shirts for pastors. Clothing is needed for all ages, women, and children.

b. Sunday School, Bible Study, and other Christian teaching material

c. Help rebuild damaged churches from 2022 storms and recently Cyclone Freddy.

d. Reading glasses, and school supplies for youth.

We are grateful for all of our partners. MRM partners are organizations and individuals who desire to assist others in need on a local and international scale. MRM provides a unique opportunity for organizations of any size and individuals to work together providing resources to complete small and large-scale projects that individually could not be achieved alone. But together as a team of kingdom builders, we are able with the help of God, to make a tremendous impact globally.

If you know of an organization or individuals you believe would be a good fit to become an MRM partner to make a difference on a local and international level, click the button below and share their information.