Bicycles help spread the Gospel

Ann Mathis see the need for global outreach. The Bicycle Man Ministry continues to support MRM International by donating bikes for Pastors and Missionaries in Africa.  There is especially a need for pastors and evangelist. It is normal for a single pastor to have congregations that are geographically spread out as much as eight to ten miles apart.

These dedicated pastors often travel by foot in rough terrain across rural areas. There remain pastors unable to return home until three days of traveling because of the distance they have to travel to minister in their region and the continuance of planting Christian churches.
The availability of a bicycle is a huge benefit to those who own one. Pastors who have access to bicycle’s see them as an important tool in enabling them to spread the gospel. A bike has become the vehicle to promoting a better spiritual life.

The legacy of Moses Mathis continues with the work of his wife Ann, and now because of her affiliation with MRM, the work he started continues reaching others on a global level. The Bicycle Man Ministry started out donating 8 bicycles, then 14 additional bikes, and in 2018 donated 12 additional bikes for our International mission project.

MRM partners are organizations who desire to assist others in need on a local and international scale. MRM provides a unique opportunity for organizations of any size to work together providing resources to complete small and large-scale projects that individually could not be achieved.

If you know of an organization you believe would be a good fit to become an MRM partner to make a difference on a local and international level, click the button below and share their information.