Current MRM Global Mission Projects

MRM partners are organizations and individuals who desire to assist others in need on a local and international scale. MRM provides a unique opportunity for organizations of any size and individuals to work together providing resources to complete small and large-scale projects that individually could not be achieved alone. But together as a team of kingdom builders, we are able with the help of God, make a tremendous impact globally.

If you know of an organization or individuals you believe would be a good fit to become an MRM partner to make a difference on a local and international level, click the button below and share their information.

Some of our current projects are:

1. Raising funds to build roofs for several churches in Liberia West Africa. To build a roof for the churches average $1,000.00 for material and labor

2. We are sending (40 cup) aluminum communion trays and lids with disposable/reusable communion cups. Average cost for complete set and cups $90.00

3. Our short range and immediate project is our support of the Queen Louise Home for Children in St Thomas Virgin Islands for the month of November 2021. Your monetary donation will purchase:

Everyday Supplies
□ Shampoo and conditioner
□ Body wash (sensitive skin)
□ Wooden bristle brushes
□ Plastic hair picks and combs
□ Razor blades (men and women)
□ Natural hair products
□ Deodorants (men and women)
□ Mouthwash and toothpaste
□ Character-based birthday gift bags and
wrapping paper
□ Forks and spoons (silverware)
□ Food storage containers
□ Counter top can opener
□ Vegetable or fruit peeler
□ Placemats
□ Vacuum cleaner
□ Toaster
□ Child-proof household plastic food sets
(cup, dinner plate and cereal bowl sets)

Medical Supplies
□ Child-size face masks
□ A&D/Aquaphor ointment
□ 5ml and 10 ml syringes with covers & tips
□ Disinfectant sprays and wipes
□ Large and x-large depends
□ Shower bed mattress
□ Shower Bed
□ Medical examination sheet (21in x 125ft)
□ 4×4 gauze pads
□ IV pole
□ Medical cart
□ Medical record book
□ Twin size plastic mattress cover with
zipper (available at Walmart)
□ Washable/Reusable Bed Pad