Computers Sent to School in Liberia

Mark Rowden Ministry initially provided the Eliza Davis George Memorial Baptist School, located in Liberia with five new computer systems.
After receiving notice that there was a need for students to learn and utilize technology systems, we reached out to several like-minded, concerned individuals and organizations with a request for investments.

In the United States, there are very few students, who have not had access to a computer. A large number of North American students carry a powerful computer system with them daily, in the form of a smart cell phone. We were saddened when we heard of students who did not even know how to turn on a computer.
We believe that investing in the education of students in Liberia and other needful countries will open up new opportunities that will lead to them having a better future.

Computer technology along with internet connectivity opens a wealth of untapped knowledge, enabling the research of various courses of study.
Our extreme thanks go to those who lead off this technology support drive by making the initial monetary donations that allowed us to speedily ship an initial supply of five computers. MRM has since given additional computers reaching the original goal of ten.

The desire for an increase in the number of students to be trained in the now “Dr. Mark Rowden Computer Lab” MRM is committed to providing 20 additional laptop computers that will double the size of the students inside the newly built lab.

This new computer lab was not even considered a possibility before MRM investment. Students continue to use and are learning at a rapid pace to research and complete assignments. Dr. Rowden had the privilege of visiting the school campus on a recent mission trip and was taken to the new computer lab where hundreds of students have access to the computer lab. Pastor Noah Jasay Principal of Eliza Davis George Memorial Baptist School states that this new lab and additional computers are a dream come true for him as well as the students.

Visit the MRM gallery to see current photos of the lab.

Please consider sponsoring a student at the Eliza Davis George Memorial Baptist School of which 20% of the enrollment are orphans. (See Programs /Support).